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Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair & Pothole Repair Lewisburg, PA

Unico Sealing, Inc.’s Asphalt Repair Team Has Been the Lewisburg, PA Area’s Pavement Services Leader since 1991

Every asphalt surface deteriorates over time. No one knows this better than the asphalt repair specialists at Unico Sealing, Inc. in Lewisburg, PA.

During warm weather, asphalt is penetrated by rain, oil, and other harmful substances. Then when it turns cold, the fluids that seeped in during warmer weather freeze and expand, exacerbating weak spots in the pavement and causing cracks or even worse damage.

When you see the first sign of cracking on asphalt, repair should not be delayed, or further deterioration will be inevitable. As time wears on, the price of reversing the damage will only increase.

There are multiple ways to deal with asphalt pavement’s aging problems:

  • Simple crack sealing involves a thorough cleaning of the site, often with industrial brooms and pressurized air or water, and then the injection of a superheated asphalt sealant blend into the crack.
  • Full-depth asphalt patches and skin patches are used to deal with larger areas of damage, such as potholes and a condition called alligator cracking, where several cracks are bunched together and create a bumpy surface. The damage is completely removed, usually with heavy equipment, then a new section of asphalt is laid into the rectangular hole left in the pavement.

If you own property in Lewisburg, PA that features a paved surface of any size and see the beginnings of any need for asphalt repair, Call Unico Sealing, Inc. today at 570-523-8070 or fill out our online Free Job Quote form for a free estimate.

After my wife and I purchased our home we saw that the driveway was in serious condition and needed some attention. Unico Sealing suggested crack repair and sealcoating, after they were done it looked like a new

- Jeff R